the Image Report

Photography and Creative Direction

Images inspire. Images tell stories. tIR tells your story.

the Image Report is a photography and media agency, run by Sofia Bergmann, Jannis Chavakis and David Torcasso.

We share your message. With a distinct eye and an understanding for strong visual communication, we want to move the world with compelling photography.

From San Francisco, Zurich and Berlin, we bring to the Image Report our various perspectives and experiences, implementing them with our network of photographers, art directors and journalists.

the Image Report offers art direction in media and photography for journalism as well as culture- and corporate-communication. Our portfolio consists of works for commercial and products, PR and marketing, the culture sector, journalistic reportages for editorials, portraits and event photography. TIR is also happy to take on new developing projects that challenge and excite us.


Sofia is a photographer, journalist and editor – curation, precision and interpersonal sensitivity lie at the core of her work. Blending reportage with photography, she has photographed and worked as a journalist in Berlin, Armenia and Latin and North America, focusing on social issues, culture and environment.

Jannis has worked for many years as a photojournalist, commercial photographer and photo editor. His empathetic approach to people and his professional work create a deep and trusting relationship with his subjects, photographed for newspapers, magazines or advertising campaigns.

David’s work promotes articles in the areas of technology, business, blockchain, NFT, entrepreneurship, retail, art, fashion, design, culture and travel. He specialises in talking to visionaries and sharing new perspectives, idea generation, production, distribution and outreach.